Hot as Hades slot bonus

Casinos offering bonus spins on Hot as Hades Slot Game

The power of Microgaming is beyond fearless when you are presented with a near flawless gaming platform.

The name is certainly very eye-catching. Giving a humorous twist to the Greek mythology in which Hades is the King of the Underworld is quite interesting, although it’s good he’s not actually that, else we’d be in some serious trouble in our afterlife.

In the game, the flame haired protagonist is on a mission to reach the top of Mount Olympus, and you have to help him get there!

You can find this game available at several different casinos, and each of them have their own Hot as Hades bonus spins bonus offers to provide:

  • Lucky247: Lucky 247 Casino are very insistent on roping potential members and players in, and they are pulling out all the stops. For “Hot as Hades”, Lucky 247 is giving a bonus offer of 50 bonus spins for absolutely free! All you need to do is sign up. Additionally, you get a 100% return on your first deposit up to £500.

  • Diamond7: Diamond7 also seems to be offering a fair deal. With their focus mainly on new members getting a fair chance on trying out the game beforehand, they are offering 50 bonus spins.

  • GlossyBingo: Glossy Bingo seem to have realised the charm of the Greeky mythology, and are ensuring that they capitalise on it. In order to entice new members to join up, they are offering 100 bonus spins as well as a 300% deposit bonus up to £10.

  • CasinoCruise: Casino Cruise seems adamant on taking their new members out on a cruise they’d never forget! With their offer of 200 bonus spins and a 100% return on the first deposit up to £200, they’re likely to succeed!

  • GutsCasino: The tagline of Guts Casino is: Why Wait. To ensure that new members don’t have to do just that, Guts Casino is offering 10 bonus spins and a 100% on the first deposit up to £100.

You have so many various options, why are you even still seated, reading this? Get out there, choose your casino and get to playing!