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Wild Huskies slot review

The Wild Huskies slot game is quite obviously a wild fun from the title as well.

Dog lovers are going to have a treat with this one for sure. You’ll be thinking that the far northern areas are calling you on a highly pleasant ride.

You’re going to enjoy the ride with these stunningly beautiful winter dogs. The game is available to be played on mobile casino applications as well which only brings convenience to the players. The background music is absolutely fitting for the game as well and has been brought in from the Hallmark channel.

You’ll be reminded of an 80’s film with this one for sure. The Bally technologies have included little details with entertainment and fun for you to discover. The land based version of this game is quite old and the online version resembles its predecessor.

slots bonus

The game play of wild huskies slot game is quite simple and same goes for the layout of the game. You will be dealing with a five reels layout with free spins and bonus rounds as well. You have the option of winning as many as fifty free spins in this game.

The average offering is of ten free spins each time providing you with decent winnings in the bonus rounds and you will be excited to discover those for sure. The stacked wilds will show up often in this one as well which in turn gives you enhances opportunity of winning big in the game.

Wild Huskies slot game requires you to have a certain budget as it has a low return to player rate. There are not a lot of chances of winning big and you have to be slightly cautious during the game as well in order to avoid any big losses.

The graphics are spot on as far as the brick and mortar version of the game is considered. You will be entertained and the game is definitely worth a shot for the dog lovers. Lighten up your mood with this one but be careful while betting in the game.