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Terminator 2 slot review

Terminator 2 slot game is based on the blockbuster movie “Terminator 2 Judgement day” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s another spectacular slot game powered by Microgaming. It presents 243 ways to win the game through 5 slots, the play spin can range from 30p to£30 per spin.

The iconic film has found its way to the heart of many fans, commonly known for the infamous one-liners such as “Hasta la vista baby” and “I’ll be back”.

Terminator 2 slot game brilliantly follows the robotic frame line of the film and encapsulates the endeavours with an exciting soundtrack. It also shows small clips from the movie to capture the same effect of the film from the players as its popular predecessors like the Dark knight rises slot.

The animation is unique and has grasped the bleak futuristic aura of the game through robotic animations, reels, graphics, and symbols.

slots bonus

The game starts off by giving you 10 free spins, although there are some chances in the future where you can win more free spins, these starter spins make or break the rest of the game.

When the T-1000 symbol coincides with another leading symbol or character then the game will give you the most profitable symbol on your next spin to give you a winning amount.

The symbol you need to look out for is the scatter symbol. You can get a massive win by getting this symbol consequently.

It is a very exciting and exhilarating experience as it gives you many slots to win a decent amount of times. Another eye-catching feature of the game was the T-800 symbol. It allows you to win 125 times the amount of your stake.

The only letdown from the game was that there were no triggers to get more free spins. However, larger amounts can be easy won in the free spins feature which can increase your stake 2,950 times.

The special features include T-800 vision, it shows us the screen through the eyes of T-800. The screen turns red, this feature allows you to score many free spin bonuses and another special feature known as 5 of a kind that pays a lot.