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Space Race slot review

Space Race slot game is all about reality and a serious subject that will help you realise soberness in casino games as well.

You’ll feel refreshed by this unique theme focused on important set of events from the history of man-kind.

So if you think that the game was all about different cool science fiction or what the future might hold, then you are in for some surprise or disappointment if this isn’t your cup of tea.

The Space Race slot game is actually based upon the race of technology between the oldest enemy countries of United States and the Soviet Union. This war was spread out on to several decades of what is formally known as the Cold War.

The symbols used in the game are quite apt as per the theme. You will be reminded of the space objects that were found in the 1950s and the 1960s. The space objects consist of different kinds things such as an old fashioned astronaut found orbiting the globe and an original Sputnik satellite that will get you all nostalgic.

slots bonus

The graphics might appear a little outdated to you keeping the kind of objects seen in consideration but that is only the game’s efforts of portraying things as they were. You can’t possibly imagine the old space to be modern and flashy.

The gameplay is not out dated or conservative in any manner. You will be able to notice a few offers of bonus features.

A total of three bonuses are provided to the players namely a scatter icon, a wild symbol and a unique pick-em style bonus feature. The scatter icon will link you up with the amazing feature of free spins.

You are not required to be fully aware of historical events to play this game which is great news for all those who skipped history lessons.

Space Race video slot offers a rather simple way of playing that can be understood by just about anyone. You are required to be aware of the workings of different buttons such as the coin value and more.