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Scandinavian Hunks slot review

The developers have assured that there is no discrimination or gender bias in play by offering a game that’ll have you drooling over the hunky manliness on the screen.

The Scandinavian Hunks slot game is the counterpart of Scandinavian babes slot game.

The name is enough to lead you in terms of what you should be expecting from the game. You will be able to notice a few chaps with highly toned bodies.

The men will be dressed in bizarre yet attractive outfits. The slot game has been specifically designed for the ladies.

The background of the reels is a cloudy one and the layout is standard consisting of five reels and 15 pay lines. You will be able to witness the same kind cleanliness and cool feel in this version of the game as well.

slots bonus

The four main symbols are represented by four highly muscular guys. The wild symbol will be represented by a fifth hunk. The low value symbols represent playing card icons.

The wild symbol is used for triggering of the free spins. The symbol of Scandinavian Bonus is used for activation of a second bonus feature just for your delight. The wild symbol tends to be stacked in this particular game.

If you manage to land the fifth guy on the reels number five and one then that will help you in triggering a total of 15 free spins. If you think this is amazing then wait for more amazement to come your way as the game progresses. The wild symbols will not change their position till the last of your free spins remain. You can regard this as an additional bonus feature.

In order for you to trigger the dancing guys’ bonus, you must manage to get the Scandinavian Bonus scatter symbols on reels three, five and one.

This will cause a total of three dancing guys to appear on the screen. You will be required to click on anyone of your choice. The dancing guy will dance around for some time and then grant you some cash. The other two will show you their potential afterwards.