Rabbit in The Hat
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Rabbit in the Hat slot review

This exuberant game is another spectacular product of Microgaming. It contains many exciting, beautiful, and fun combinations that leave a player giddy with the insane and goofy rewards.

The story follows a magician while performs crazy acts and tricks. Microgaming has introduced this unique plot-line in a slot game and made it into a cutting edge fun online slot game.

Rabbit in the Hat slot game offers you many wild symbols, hidden prizes, and free spins to make an exciting game, the stake ranges from 9p to £18 per spin. It has excellent graphics splashed with many colours which make the gaming experience all the more fun and refreshing.

slots bonus

This game diverts from the basic 243 line slots, it contains 5 reels with 9 pay-lines so the player can expect many outcomes. Although it does not offer any jackpots but the goofy prizes give the player many chances to win payouts.

The gameplay of this cutting edge game will attract smaller, mid-range bankrolls to high rollers because of its lovely graphics. The gameplay is relatively simple to handle. The first eye-catching feature is the reward hats which appear above the reel.

The hats start to appear from the 5th reel and move to the left after each spin. If you stop the reel before the hat reaches the magic hat on the left with a wild then you will receive a Hat’s prize.

There are four hats in the game which lead you to wine 4 random free spins, wild reels, hidden prizes and crash prizes. The wild symbol is a magic hat.

Unfortunately, the game does not have a scatter symbol but there is a free spin feature that be gained by achieving the Magic Hat.

There is a Wild Reel Hat, Free Spins Hat, Cash hat, and Mystery Hat, these hats give free spins, surprise cash and sometimes large wins through the wild reel hat.

This game allows your stake to be 1000 times the original stake, which is a whopping big number considering that it is a medium variance slot game. The biggest win you can get is by stopping at3 wild reels.