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Kitty Glitter slot review

The Kitty Glitter slot game should be regarded as a calm and cool game that will have you hooked in no time. As far as the theme is concerned it is probably not beautiful or feminine enough which is a false expectation associated with the name of the game. The graphics are of good quality but there is evident decrease in the kind of quality when it comes to mobile casino application of Kitty Glitter slot game. The characters appear small and slightly dated on the mobile screens. The payout rate of this game is quite high. If you’re looking for payback then you must remain patient for quite some time.

The game however pays well which basically means that the patience will definitely be worth it. You have the option of making use of wild symbol as well. This is by all means your best friend in the game. The feature provides you with the largest wins in the game. You get to enjoy x2 multiplier instantly after activation of this game as well. The free spins bonus is a great advantage in the game as well. You will have the option of attaining some highly exciting wins through the offer of free spins bonus.

slots bonus

The free spins have the option of converting any of the four basic cat symbols in to the extra wild features. The kind of wins you receive only grows with the free spins feature. The bonus features allow you higher winning chances which are great news for just about anyone out there. In order for you to progress long enough in the game to trigger the multiple cat wilds you must be able to activate the free spins feature multiple times. This task can be rather tiring and difficult.

The game basically demands your time and devotion which you should be able to provide it if you’re looking to win big through online gambling. There is no particular story line that you might have to learn in order to play this game. Just rely on your luck and keep yourself dedicated.