Jewel of the Dragon
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Jewel of dragon slot review

Jewel of dragon slot game is the online version of a land based game which is quite known for its smoothness.

The layout of this game consists of a total of forty pay lines. One thing to keep in mind is that the game has slight difficulty in translating the conventional game’s smoothness into the online version.

Thought it does live up to the quality standards of online gaming industry. The reels appear slightly squashed up which might be a turn off for some owing to the weird look the entire scene gives in combination.

The game play of this slot is however exactly the same as the land based version owing to which any player would easily get addicted to the game.

slots bonus

The story and characters along with every little detail of the game appears identical to the land based version which makes it a treat for all those looking to enjoy their favourite slots from home.

The hot zone feature of the game is quite popular amongst the masses as it helps conversion of all symbols in a particular zone in to wild symbols.

Nothing will help you more in terms of winning compared to the hot zone feature. It has the potential of turning up to twenty will symbols.

The slot might not be exceptional in terms of quality but it is definitely good enough to be tried at. The game offers you free spins as well which is a treat for everybody. You have the option of enjoying a total of eight free spins.

One drawback of the free spins round is that some of the bonus features are not to be found in it.

The round is however quite simple and offers good chances of winning additional cash absolutely free of risk.

The game helps you relive your memories with the conventional kind of the game if you manage to look pass the squished reels. It offers you a good payout in terms of money and there is not a lot hassle in terms of wagering requirements and waiting time.