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Hot Shot slot review

The name of the game aptly describes it. Bally Technologies is responsible for introducing this game to the online gambling industry.

Hot Shot slot game is quite engaging and the progressive slots it offers have been a huge reason for generation of traffic at this game slot. Players have preferred the game solely on this particular feature along with the kind of entertainment the game offers. The game offers you great potential of winning and the final jackpots are definitely worth the hype as well. Every single player has the potential of hitting the huge jackpot provided that they have the right kind of skills and huge amounts of luck. The game will award you with so much more that what you anticipate.

slots bonus

The game’s layout consists of a total of 40 pay line. Some like to regard the game as a combination of multiple slot games instead of just one game. The game is comprised of some great features as well to increase the overall level of satisfaction the players experience with it. Different symbols; double and triple jackpots are some of the crowd favourites in terms of game play. The graphics of the game are nice as well. You might not be blown away by the quality but you will not be complaining about missing out anything better out there as the game will have you hooked for sure.

The maximum prize is quite impressive as well. Each player will have the potential of winning 10000 credits. Players have the option of winning multipliers on their winnings as well provided that they are in luck. The kind of wager you make with each spin will also be responsible for determining your fate. The bigger risk you take more chances of winning will be provided to you.

The game consists of playing the game within the game feature as well which actually increases the chances of winning for the players especially when it comes to capturing the progressive jackpots. You are provided with the reset option as well. Have fun spinning your fortune.