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Hot as Hades slot review

Hot as Hades slot game has received some extremely positive feedback, and has done a lot to raise Microgaming’s already impressive reputation.

One of the reasons for this game’s success, amongst many others, is the bonus offer that players can avail. This bonus offer grants players five spins, which are absolutely free! This certainly is one of the most enticing features of the game, and attracts players to it like moths to a flame – or the flame haired hero.

What makes this offer all the more exciting is the fact that you get these free spins at random.

slots bonus

Hades himself will then appear on the screen, not to drag you into the Underworld, but to award you with 3 wilds. However, when you will get these, you just don’t know.

You are guaranteed to get 3 wilds, but when? In the last or the first three spins? This aspect of uncertainty adds an air of excitement and anticipation to the game.

Apart from that, the game itself is pretty fun. The Greek mythology is very rich and extremely fascinating, so you get to encounter Medusa’s snakes, Zeus’s lightning bolts and Poseidon’s ocean. In addition, the game has a great soundtrack, and really good visuals and graphics to boost the overall effect.

If that still doesn’t convince anyone, the free five spins you get should do the trick. It is a bolt of Zeus in its own right, one which obliterates the last layer of uncertainty any player may have in trying out this game.

Do you want to get fried? No, right? Then get to playing and spinning, people!