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High Society slot review

The High Society video slot game revolves around different features from the European Mafia.

This theme is not really a favourite amongst the masses but it is definitely in demand. If this is the kind of theme that interests you then you will not see yourself shifting from High society slot game any time soon.

The game offers you good choices in terms of free spins bonus round along with five different types of wins. The general public has actually grown old with the generic riches theme due to which it has become rather mundane with lack of excitement.

The tagline itself is quite old fashioned with reference being made to all that glitters is gold in High society.

slots bonus

This might be lack of effort on the production team’s part as the gamblers are already looking for money and fun. In order for you to give them the right kind of entertainment you must up your game in terms of themes and different features.

You will be observing gold Rolex and suitcases filled with cash along with suspicious mounds and different kinds of diamond rings. You’ll get the real feel of this rather conventional theme of slot game.

The music is quite nice but it is restricted to a particular kind of taste as well. At the very least it matches with the general theme of the game which is pretty much the primary purpose of the sound track.

Try opting for a tablet or i-Pad when it comes to playing this game as that will offer you the smoothest of game play. Your second preference in terms of devices should be a smart phone.

Playing the game of Android or iPhone device will ensure you great entertainment and convenience.

The game is great in terms of winning. The base game offers you the option of winning 120x of your bet. The game has moderate volatility which is what most players demand from the game. This basically means that your wins might not be very frequent but they’ll definitely be worth the wait.