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Gumball 3000 slot review

Gumball 3000 is a unique slot game that will offer you a load of excitement and a high octane experience for you to remember.

You will be turning the gear to fifth and enjoying burning rubber so strap on that seat belt of yours and prepare yourself to turn a few notches up in the wild game filled with amazingly cool features.

The game consists of tones of exciting features such as free spins, stacked wilds, fifteen different pay lines, gamble bonus and highly cool features for presentation that are bound to make you spin.

You might be wondering that such an exciting opening can be deceiving. Thank your stars that Gumball 3000 is not all about words and fancy appearances in the opening video.

slots bonus

The first presentation you get to enjoy takes you in for a huge ride and this builds up your anticipation and expectations. The game then lives up to those raised expectations as well.

The music has been very carefully chosen and it allows you the feel of a night club. The graphics are purely amazing and make you feel the excitement of a ride in Tokyo. The game will definitely keep your adrenaline pumping throughout.

The game offers a few bonus packages as well to make up your day. The wild symbol is regarded as the key to success in this particular game.

The wild symbol helps you in replacing other icons and it can be found at the time of free spins as well. The free spin feature is expanded owing to the wild and that allows you a total of 15 free spins.

A gamble feature has been inserted in the game as well for those who like to play their luck more.

The different commands found in the game are quite easy and it will not take you time to learn your way through the game. The coin value for instance is a button used for bet denomination purposes.

The two buttons of Coins – and Coins + allow you to lower or raise the total coins being wagered per line.