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Golden Ticket slot review

The new Golden Ticket slot game brings with a lot of fun and many bonus features along with semi-sad clowns and a variety of multipliers to increase your entertainment and chances of winning.

You might perceive the game as an old fashioned one on thought of the clown and multipliers but once you start playing you will be able to observe the innovation that has been brought to the table in something so simple.

The mobile slot game is definitely a modern styled one that guarantees a lot of fun.

The game is not absolutely unique in terms of characters and themes as it has been inspired by the highly popular game by Play n Go, Energoonz.

slots bonus

Though Energoonz offers features of different aliens that tend to be slightly weird but the Golden ticket does better by offering you nostalgia using different kinds of circus features.

The beautiful circus will definitely take you back to your childhood memories and have you enjoy the real feel of a circus whilst winning cash.

The circus is a definite classic one. You will be able to spot all that you expected from a popular circus from a huge man in leotards to Pirate looking ring master.

The theme of this mobile game in particular is quite detail oriented and you are bound to fall in love with the efforts put in by the developers. Each of the symbols found in the game is unique.

The symbols offer ease in terms of picking them out along with bonus features.

You will be able to witness a lot more of amusements than just a man holding a hunter. Enjoy the soaring crowd and feel the excitement rising while you reach different levels in the game.

The detailed drawing can be captivating particularly on movements directed towards the right in landscape mode. In terms of huge cash payouts the game tends to lack the ability of hitting very hard.

It’s easy to get more but your probability appears to be less. All in all the game is definitely worth a try and simple enough to be played.