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Gift Shop slot review

Who doesn’t enjoy getting gifts right? If you’re a gift lover then you have found the perfect slot game for yourself named “Gift Shop”.

The Gift Shop slot game is definitely fun for just about anyone out there. The game consists of a rather simple layout and is quite easy in terms of game play.

The game consists of three different reels and one pay line. This slot reminds you of classic games that were once quite dominant in the casinos. You will not find it hard to learn the game.

The player is offered the opportunity of changing or adjusting their bet in accordance with the game play. You can bet up to a total of three coins.

One coin is valued at £.25 which would basically mean that the highest bet will be £.75 per spin.

slots bonus

Though you are only provided with a singular pay line but the game still offers you the opportunity of gathering high winning amounts as the game consists of a jackpot which is progressive in nature.

The game offers a wild symbol as well and it offers you opportunity of substitution with just about any symbol on the pay line. The jackpot will progress with game and will increase in terms of outcome depending upon the number of coins bet by the player.

In order for you to win high amounts you must bet higher coins as well. You will only be in the run to win the jackpot if you play using all three of your coins. Three coins have the ability to grant you with a jackpot combination.

Though the game is simple but it guarantees a lot of fun. It is simple to understand and can be played by just about anyone. The different symbols found in the game follow gift theme. You are able to find symbols represented by a teddy bear, a rose, a box of chocolates and a ring.

Each symbol will offer you a different payout. The symbol you should look out for is the diamond ring in a gift box. This symbol is the wild symbol and you are required to get one on each of the three reels to grab the highest amount.