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Gemix slot review

If you consider the competition in this particular genre of games then Gemix slot game is definitely your safest bet.

People are generally fond of games with gems and themes of such. Game slots like these are not only easy to understand but are simple enough to be played smoothly on your smart phones at any point.

The competition appears to have continues with the standardised set up and focused upon introducing gems along with the mix of cascading wins.

However; Gemix appears to take you in a whole different dimension. Additional winning ways can be observed along with a unique game play for this particular mobile game.

slots bonus

The reel behaves in quite an entertaining manner owing to different kinds of levels and worlds offered by the game. The game is played on a grid of 7x7. The gems are rather brightly coloured and tend to fall in to the extended grid.

Once five or more gems become adjacent to one another then this is counted as a win and the gems disappear. Keep in mind that this does not mean cornet to corner.

The gems are supposed to be gathered sideways. After the previous ones disappear more gems will take their place and others will move downwards. This movement alone might generate new combinations as well offering you more chances of winning.

You can find a blue squares pattern underneath the gems. After getting wins on these particular squares you will notice a change in colour as they tend to turn orange in this case.

In order for you to move ahead to the next level you must turn the entire patter orange. The new level will bring with it a whole new pattern to fill in.

In order for you to enter an entirely new world you will be required to fill in three more of such patterns. A progressive element can be observed in the game through introduction of such features.

A world bonus will also be offered to help you out. This will be rewarded to you after completion of a singular world.