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Dazzle Me slot review

Now it may not seem a huge deal but longtime fans and followers know the excitement that comes with this new release named Dazzle Me.

Even if you’re someone who’s new to the casino games, there’s still a high chance that you have heard of NetEnt and its brilliant developing.

Similarly, Dazzle Me had created this online hype and people had a lot of expectations from it so the pressure was on the developers to give them something far more than just satisfactory, something that was brilliantly designed to surpass its previous games.

Released in August 2015, it left the fans astonished and intrigued at the same time. Now although a vast majority welcomed the game with fair comments, there was a part that wasn’t so sure it was the best NetEnt had come up with. Let’s look at the features this game has to offer then we can decide what the gist really is.

Similar to Twin Spin and Gemix, this game has a variety of spinning opportunities.

slots bonus

It’s a 5 real game with 76 pay lines, with 3 to 5 symbols on each reel. There’s also the addition of free spins and bonus rounds, and more the wins, more the gold coins!

Here’s something new, it is now compatible across all platforms. Yes, you don’t have to carry your desktop around, you can easily play it on your phone or tablet. Those moments when you would have random cravings to spin, they will now be satisfied.

The new layout consists of more colours that are brighter as compared to those used in the previous games. Although some people think it’s a bit too dazzling, it certainly has created a more appealing atmosphere.

There is also an inclusion of bonus rounds which apparently is a huge deal. The bets range from 0.20 to about 200, so getting started isn’t the hard part because one can easily get used to the overlay, but it’s the addiction that’s hard to fight.

A fast paced game for users who are always on the move, carrying their phones around to be ready to spin anytime and anywhere!