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Crazy Cows slot review

This game offers you exciting game action on the Crazy Cows. The game offers you a range of different prizes to win as well.

Play n Go is responsible for the creation of Crazy Cows Video slot. The company is known for always making itself stand from the crowd and the crazy cows video slot are yet again another game which differs from the general games out there of similar genre.

In this game in particular you are not required to follow the conventional and mundane game story of always relying on farm vegetables.

After the game loads, you will be able to observe the conventional layout of the game which consists of five different reels and a total of three symbol rows.

The typical layout helps players in understanding the game better without spending additional time on figuring out different features of the game. The cows tend to look really dope and crazy in a limited manner once things start off.

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These cows are then joined by different letter selections instead of playing card icons which is yet another unique feature of the game that makes it stand out amongst different games of the same nature.

You’ll be able to notice the spinning reels have complete capacity of spelling out the word crazy in its true sense.

The reels will offer you quick pay out in cash. A bull is there to accompany the three different kinds of crazy cows. The bull is there to fill in as a substitute for the wild card and it tends to pay out quite handsomely as well.

The action of bonuses starts off with the bonus symbol with three or more visible players with the option of choosing a cow for the performance of a high dive. Your cash will be dependent on the dive.

The better the quality of your dive, the more cash you will be awarded with. Great dives will help you in triggering free spins bonus as well. In order for you to build up free multipliers you are required to make use of free spins on landing of two or more dogs on the board.