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Chain Mail slot review

The Chain Mail slot machine is actually the perfect blend of modernism and medieval theme; the theme of this game will give you entertainment of both worlds.

Though the game is quite a favourite but it has only been made available at the Casino Cruise Online Casino.

The main goal in this ChainMail slot game for you as a player is rather conventional as you have been assigned with the task of rescuing a Princess. The Princess has been kidnapped by the evil King.

The other task for you will be to unlock the reward allotted for you after accomplishment of the noble feat.

When it comes to winning; the game will provide you with quite a lot of opportunities with little gaps to keep you entertained at all times. This includes the ever so loved feature of a Castle Bonus.

This feature in particular will involve you to be rewarded for your bravery after having rescued the Princess and for her safe return to the castle. The original version of this game has been available on the internet for quite some time.

slots bonus

Microgaming has actually introduced this game with slight innovation High Digital quality in July 2015. You can truly consider the entire slot machine to be revamped with different improvements and features you always wanted.

ChainMail slot features about 5 reels and a total of 20 pay lines. You will have a lot to win with the option of landing up to 120000 credits at one time.

The game is based on multiple levels and you need to progress using different kinds of tiers. The tiers would require you to win a variety of Princess Symbols to aid your progress across the game.

The game basically asks you to win each level and progress to the next. You will be rewarded with a certain kind of prize on completion of each level.

The game is filled with rather decorative symbols that represent different delights of the King’s choice such as fried chicken, candy bar, pizza skewer dish and many more. You will be able to witness the King’s favourite horse and a red mailbox along with the princess.