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Cash Wizard slot review

Cash Wizard slot game has been provided to the online gambling platform by the Bally Technologies.

The game has been based upon its highly appreciated and hit land based version. The game offers you good selection of bonus features that are bound to create a good fun entertainment filled environment for you. You can regard the slot is a happy game which consists of rather friendly voice notes that are constantly going to communicate with you through bonus features. The background will comprise of an enchanted rainbow along with coloured wood.

slots bonus

The character of the wizard resembles an 8 year-old creation and the graphics of your major character and not impressive at all. The best part about the land based game is considered the wizard itself and the mobile casino version of the game have failed to provide you just that. This however is a minor setback for the game and the developers have tried to compensate for this by offering you countless bonus features in the game. The wizard is definitely not worth missing out on so many additional chances of winning. The game consists of low variance which is preferred by some players while for others this is regarded as a drawback for the game slot.

The bonus bet option comes with a switch for activation and deactivation of this feature. This feature in particular is responsible for buying you tow additional bonuses by the names the Wizard Wild and the mystery wheel. The minimum required bet for a total of 30 pay line slot is slightly higher. You will be required to bet 0.50 at the very least compared to the standard 0.30. About 60% of what you bet is included in the calculation of your wins. This might be a reason for some players to avoid this game.

This video slot is all about long term goals and hitting the bonus features. If you believe in your luck and constant winning then the game will most definitely be of your interest. The game offers free spins as well.