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To register is simple. As other sites we have integrated both normal and social registration.

By registering with us you get the advantage to track the favourite games under your personal account, get coins on plays, reviews and then after transforming it into real Money. Yes ! Real Money. Social exposure for us is a big factor and we want you to spread the word!

PS: Real money is subject to Terms & Conditions.

To choose the best Casino that suits to you it's not about bonuses really. This should be the last factor that you should consider. A great casino is not the one who offers you a big match on your deposit, a good casino is The one who provides trusted, verified and licensed games.

We couldn't really have a PC app and not to build a mobile one. The world continues to thrive , improve and advance and so do we. Our Mobile app is available on Apple store... just search SLOTS4PLAY.

Yes, in fact on Our PC app you'll find new games, updated daily just for you. We firstly came with this idea and we are Yet still The only Network that has combined all the games into one App. Well arranged, Great Design, Hassle free !

The Casino App for pc is available for All windows PC Platforms as well as Mac PC desktops.